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grad / дипломированный специалист
дипломированный специалист
Alex also has a degree from St Mary's University College and is now studying for his post grad in sports bioathletics.
Most trips are geared toward high-schoolers, but others cater to college students or recent grads .
For some reason, squeaky-clean Ivy League grads don't always make great case officers.
With two students to a room, the 50 grads will have more room for their research than they did in their previous cramped offices across campus.
In focus groups, most college grads said they give no thought to federal employment when considering career paths.
Besides, women are now university grads and hold top executive positions and can afford to provide their needs and wants.
Many new college grads are uncertain about what careers to pursue.
College grads spend well above average on alcohol, entertainment, personal care and food away from home.
The mean earnings of young women college grads are now nearly equal to those of men.
I often lecture to young people, college grads , usually on military topics.