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gown / платье, мантия, свободная домашняя одежда
имя существительное
dress, gown, clothes, clothing, frock, costume
mantle, gown, robe, cloak, pallium, pall
свободная домашняя одежда
vest, invest, enrobe, garb, array, gown
dress, wear, clothe, tog, clad, gown
имя существительное
a long dress, typically having a close-fitting bodice and a flared or flowing skirt, worn on formal occasions.
a silk ball gown
be dressed in a gown.
she was gowned in luminous silk
She was very pretty in an elegant gown , clutching a bouquet of pink tulips.
But controversial plans to erect wind turbines across St Andrews have reignited the animosity between town and gown .
In his navy blue graduation gown he looked so wise that I had to smile when I looked up at him from my seat.
It has taken this further with its detailed submission as to how a campus at York Central would be good for town and gown .
Only the scholar's gown suggested the high academic ability which was to bring her great distinction.
Her hair was pinned in yesterday's curlers and her bathrobe hung limply around her, like a dirty gown .
You may be asked to change into a hospital gown for the test.
I was walking faster and faster down the aisle when I realized I was standing on the train of my aunt's bridal gown .
He or she gives the patient a hospital gown and sees that all clothing and jewelry is given to a family member or sent to a service center for safekeeping.
The doctor looked up from the child on the bed, now clothed in a hospital gown with an ID bracelet around her wrist.