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governor / губернатор, правитель, регулятор
имя существительное
governor, president, warden
ruler, governor, prince, dynast, hakim
regulator, controller, governor, moderator, adjustor, damper
имя существительное
the elected executive head of a state of the US.
The key battleground states of Arizona and New Mexico, have elected Democratic governors since the 2000 presidential race.
the head of a public institution.
the governor of the Bank of England
the person in authority; one's employer.
a device automatically regulating the supply of fuel, steam, or water to a machine, ensuring uniform motion or limiting speed.
The engines are equipped with governors that limit the top speed to 62 MPH.
The governor responded by appointing a prominent Democrat as his new chief of staff.
the governor of the Bank of England
The current governor and the current representative to the U.S. House are both Democrats.
During that time he became active in politics and was elected governor of California in 1966.
The British Crown is represented by a governor .
Although the real power remained with the governor , this was an unprecedented move in an African colony.
The US-approved interim government appointed him governor of the town in January.
the governor of the Bank of England
Aged 44, he is a Bank high-flyer, having served as private secretary to the previous governor and member of the team that drew up the Basel accords on international bank regulation.
The governor called on the public to increase neighborhood security and help with flood control in their areas.