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govern / управлять, определять, регулировать
control, manage, run, drive, operate, govern
define, determine, set, measure, designate, govern
regulate, adjust, control, govern, handle, tune
conduct the policy, actions, and affairs of (a state, organization, or people).
he was incapable of governing the country
(of a word) require that (another word or group of words) be in a particular case.
the Latin preposition “cum” governs nouns in the ablative
Of course, other regulators and legislation govern these products, but voluntary regulation will never be as forceful as the statutory requirements.
While controlling some things that govern our lives we acknowledge the existence of other forces about which we can do little or nothing.
State laws and regulations govern the profession of nursing.
This view is consistent with the general rule that has been set by the Supreme Court to govern those cases where religious beliefs conflict with secular laws.
Complex laws and regulations govern the cancellation of debts once soldiers leave the service, he said.
The report continues to state that the same sort of regulations that control tobacco should govern marijuana.
It was a time of considerable turmoil in the cities and it was to govern the state with a fair, but at the same time, a firm hand.
men would give in to passion and become unable to govern themselves
The standards and procedures that should govern this case on remand are not for us to resolve in the first instance.
Within the limits of the laws and regulations that govern our work, we seek to provide the highest level of customer service.