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gourd / тыква, бутыль из тыквы
имя существительное
pumpkin, gourd, squash
бутыль из тыквы
имя существительное
a fleshy, typically large fruit with a hard skin, some varieties of which are edible.
Modern Hopi farmers still use the old methods, raising mainly corn, melons, gourds , and many varieties of beans.
a climbing or trailing plant that bears gourds.
This is connected to a large bamboo teepee with pole beans, gourds and other climbing plants covering it.
By the 1770s this market had penetrated as far north as Cuenca, where the traditional gourd with silver straw began to appear on elite tables in this tertiary northern Andean city.
In the vegetable market, even the prices of locally grown bitter gourd , ash pumpkin and cucumber are rising.
The only thing they seem to do more then butchering animals in Uruguay, is drink Mate, a sort of super strong version of green tea that is drunk from a gourd through a silver straw.
They used a carved gourd to store milk and water.
Along with the bag there is some other container, often a gourd , to hold the lime paste.
In the ‘Dry Curries’ section, the ones to try are the stuffed ridge gourd , stuffed gherkins and masala drumstick curry.
The Snake Man's mother took a clay pot, poured into it some water from a gourd by her side, and put it over the fire.
The tea was traditionally drunk from a gourd , sipped through a straw known as a bombilla.
He passed her a gourd of water and she gulped it down.
Sitting in the verandah, the separate smells of tomatoes, lemons and gourd reach me, and I know I will smell them again in my memory.