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gotcha / попался
I have got you (used to express satisfaction at having captured or defeated someone or uncovered their faults).
They change the number at random intervals and if you miss a sign, bingo - gotcha !
имя существительное
an instance of publicly tricking someone or exposing them to ridicule, especially by means of an elaborate deception.
And television, devoted to keeping the race close so viewers would keep watching, cunningly deployed a series of gotchas meant to drive down the numbers of whichever guy seemed to be gaining.
Certainly Dionne, preoccupied as he is with his game of gotcha , makes no effort to refute it.
So maybe he feels like the more he comes out there, it's just a game of gotcha , and they're just going to find something he says anyway.
It's hard to say it's deliberate, but they're undefined, and you can't do that game of gotcha , saying, ah-ha, in 1986 you voted for such and such.
‘Okay - gotcha , twenty four,’ said Ron, repeating the hand signal to the lady to much all round nodding.
A depressing trend in cinema of late has been the gotcha !
I found myself chuckling, as if she had just said something funny, or as if a friend we hadn't seen in a long time had just played a silly joke on us, ha ha, gotcha .
If so, it will disappoint a lot of people because I think lay persons tend to look at that as kind of piling on - kind of a game of gotcha .
So you want the ultimate gag gift, the perfect way to say, ‘ha ha, gotcha , sucker!’
‘This is not a game of gotcha ,’ the senator said.
My point isn't the usual hypocrisy gotcha , though that's certainly worth pointing out.