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gosh / Черт возьми!
Черт возьми!
Gosh!, Jesus Christ!, Oh, bother it!, Zounds!, By gosh!, Golly!
used to express surprise or give emphasis.
gosh, we envy you
And I've just finished eating, gosh , about six mouthfuls.
gosh, it's freezing!
He issues a command and all of them get up and… oh my gosh !
When you slow down enough to examine those ideas, you might realize, Oh my gosh !
Oh, gosh , but it was hard to get going when I woke this morning.
Oh, gosh , that reminds me, I meant to say, I've been updating my wishlist…
It's far from the most charitable - or politically correct - portrait of women, but gosh , it's done with panache.
What is unforgivable though is the pointless gumph when Aragorn falls in to the river and drifts off, only, gosh , he returns just in time for the battle.
You read an article in a newspaper and you think, ‘Oh my gosh , a boy's been beaten up,’ but you never for one second think it's going to be on your own doorstep.
First the oil companies scour the freaking globe, going to the most gosh -forsaken dangerous places on earth to find the stuff.