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gory / окровавленный, кровопролитный
имя прилагательное
bloody, gory, red, ensanguined
sanguinary, slaughterous, sanguineous, gory, internecine
имя прилагательное
involving or showing violence and bloodshed.
a gory horror film
This opening scene sets the tone for a grisly, gory and sometimes comic werewolf horror film.
Immediately, I launched into a gory tale of battle, exaggerating the blood spewing everywhere.
Robinson left the door to lean over the table, apparently not as repulsed by the gory mess as his partner clearly was.
He had seen everything, every gory bloody human mess man can create, and had been trained not to respond.
A foot of gory steel stood out of his back, and blood sprayed from his mouth as he stared down at the sword in his guts.
Reluctantly instead he turned south down the Indus and, in some of the most bloodthirsty campaigning of a gory career, overwhelmed various tribes.
It's about as gory a moment as I've seen in a film like this in years.
Each of the wounds were gory holes of half-clotted blood, tufts of fur, and the white substance of fat.
Brutal, gory , and dumb, Brotherhood of the Wolf is a mess - not, however, an unsightly one.
Hey, don't dismiss it as another horror film with a bit of spooky stuff, a gory hand, a falling chandelier.