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gorse / дрок, утесник обыкновенный
имя существительное
gorse, genista, furze, greenweed
утесник обыкновенный
gorse, whin
имя существительное
a yellow-flowered shrub of the pea family, the leaves of which are modified to form spines, native to western Europe and North Africa.
There was a little colour in the yellow gorse and the silver birch.
There was a little colour in the yellow gorse and the silver birch.
I had to cut a track through hedgerows, manuka and gorse - you name it.
The choice of elm, gorse and mimosa reflects these extremes and reinforces the vegetation already present.
It's 159 yards from tee to green, but the real problem is that not only is the green surrounded by gorse and heather, but that the whole dip from tee to green is also deep, deep rough.
The majority of the land was covered in gorse and tea tree, and 50 percent of it was non-productive.
No matter, because a new fingerpost points down Potter Lane, a sunken track, wall and gorse each side with foxgloves ready to overwinter in the algae green rocks.
A mosaic of heather, grass patches and burned-off gorse in the Ladder Hills creates a fashionable camouflage effect.
Glaisdale Low Moor was to our south, painted in subtle spring shades with the occasional gorse in full flower burning bush mode.
Elsewhere, dozens of residents had to be evacuated in Gwent, Wales, where hundreds of mature trees, bracken, gorse and shrubs were destroyed.
Thousands of saplings were planted and native gorse was established to create wildlife habitats.