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gormandize / обжорство
имя существительное
gluttony, gorge, debauchery, gormandize, guzzle, gulosity
overeat, gorge, stuff, engorge, overfeed, gormandize
devour, gobble, consume, eat up, eat away, gormandize
Before the two days were spent, they grew very weary of this kind of life; for the followers of King Ulysses, as you will find it important to remember, were terrible gormandizers , and pretty sure to grumble if they missed their regulars meals, and their irregular ones besides.
In other words she's going to go do things that professional university lecturers do, and I'm off to do things that professional gormandizers do.
Apa Hotel and Resort in Sapporo houses an eatery in its hotel complex that provides delectable dishes that well surpass the tastes of the most punctilious gormandizers .
He was a great gormandizer and ate prodigiously.
Salt became such an important part of people's diet that a way was needed to allow early nomads to carry salt with them on their perilous travels; such a device ideally also helped ancient gormandizers to distribute portions of the precious flavor enhancer onto their foods.