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gorgeous / великолепный, прекрасный, витиеватый
имя прилагательное
great, sumptuous, gorgeous, magnificent, excellent, splendid
beautiful, fine, great, glorious, lovely, gorgeous
ornate, florid, flowery, gorgeous, gaudy
имя прилагательное
beautiful; very attractive.
gorgeous colors and exquisite decoration
He was his usual gorgeous and good looking self, carrying his shoulder bag full with books.
they've got gorgeous pink flowers
I am a sucker for beauty stuff that smells gorgeous - the more exotic, the better.
I'd just run a gorgeous bath with bubbles galore, hot water and a divine smell from the bath soak.
The weather is gorgeous , and we are constantly bobbing around in the wakes of larger boats.
The shop was full of attractive men buying Valentine's cards for their gorgeous women.
It was such a gorgeous day that we had morning coffee on the patio of a friend's house.
They have an absolutely gorgeous autumn range of food in at the moment.
If he wasn't so sweet and gorgeous and funny she would never have been attracted to him in the first place.
It's a lush, sleepy island with gorgeous coves and citrus fruit hanging like jewels from the trees.