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gopher / суслик, гофер, мешетчатая крыса
имя существительное
gopher, ground squirrel, suslik
мешетчатая крыса
dig, excavate, sink, delve, shovel, gopher
dig, delve, excavate, peck, shovel, gopher
имя существительное
a tortoise of dry sandy regions that excavates tunnels as shelter from the sun, native to the southern US.
However, the northernmost range of the gopher tortoise is limited to southern South Carolina.
a menu-based system for Internet searching and document retrieval, largely superseded by the World Wide Web.
The Gopher system enabled documents to be listed in a readable, hierarchical method that was relatively easy to navigate.
Thus, mima mounds, an often debated feature of prairie grasslands, are sometimes created by gopher burrowing; and many organisms dwelling on rocky coasts create their own micro-landforms in the form of burrows in which they then live.
I spent quite a while exploring gopher servers in my first couple of years online, before it became clear that the World Wide Web was so much better at presenting the same sort of information in a format non-techies could grasp.
First, it is likely that the bag fragment was carried underground by a squirrel, gopher or other burrowing rodent.
A single pocket gopher may exist within an extensive system of feeding tunnels and chambers.
Surrounding habitats with gopher tortoise burrows have likewise been lost to development and land use changes.
In addition, the older gopher content and other non-Web files are unavailable.
The gopher tortoise is a large turtle that lives in deep burrows, often up to 25 feet in length, in upland habitats usually dominated by stands of longleaf pines.
The goal is to conserve gopher tortoises by managing a conservation site of relocated tortoises and residents as a single viable population.
That's the case in the National Wildlife Refuge, where restoring the native longleaf pine and wiregrass community should provide a springboard for the unusual gopher tortoise .
If gophers , squirrels or other animal pests are common in your area, planting tasty bulbs, such as lilies, in open soil is a waste of time.