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goosebumps / мурашки
гусиная кожа
Her skin tingled and goosebumps formed, as she hurried inside, her heels clacking along the concrete.
Maybe you get goosebumps and just know that it's one of the best pieces of recorded music you've ever heard.
My bare arms were prickling with goosebumps , and a shiver ran through my body.
I felt goosebumps rise in my arms and I drew Stephan's cape closer around me.
I didn't exactly scream, but I do recall the goosebumps that ran up and down my arms.
April turned around, and her skin immediately broke out into goosebumps .
When they pulled away, her skin was tingling and tight with goosebumps .
I'm sure I'll get a rush of butterflies and the goosebumps , as well as tingles round the spine.
The slight breeze chilled Brian's skin and made goosebumps prickle across his arms and neck.
He kissed her fingers with such softness, it sent a tingle of goosebumps up her arm.