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gooseberry / крыжовник, проволочный еж
имя существительное
проволочный еж
имя существительное
a round edible yellowish-green or reddish berry with a thin translucent hairy skin.
Apples, crab apples, gooseberries , and some plums and grapes usually contain enough natural pectin to form a gel.
the thorny shrub that bears the gooseberry.
Every time my gooseberry bush starts to bear fruit, it develops a fungus.
‘Josta’ berry takes the looks of a gooseberry , removes the thorns, and makes it sweeter.
Blindfolded, I don't believe I could have told, but from inspection I think it contained apple, gooseberry and blackcurrant.
Since then we have cleared ground and are now the proud owners of two red currant bushes, a gooseberry - and thanks to the generosity of a kind-hearted neighbour - a row of Mediterranean garlic.
Before very recently, I had never eaten a gooseberry , or even seen one, as far as I know.
Every time my gooseberry bush starts to bear fruit, it develops a fungus.
they didn't want me playing gooseberry on their first date
First plums through the door will end up as crumble - there is no finer fruit for it save the gooseberry - and after that there will be pie.
As for specimen plants, how about a blackcurrant bush, a standard gooseberry or a miniature Coronet apple tree?
Take hardwood cuttings of soft-fruit bushes such as gooseberries and currants.
Wild gooseberries and blackberries were also picked and enjoyed.