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goop / goop
вязкая масса
имя существительное
sloppy or sticky semifluid matter, typically something unpleasant.
This can had expired so when I depressed the nozzle last night sticky gobs of goop exploded from the can, covering me and everything else in sight.
Taking his spoon from his plate of goop she scooped up a large amount.
The mushroom soup was creamy (no flour-thickened goop here) with lots of pepper.
At breakfast I stared at the bowl of goop that was brown-gray oatmeal.
Coat it with a thick layer of grime, toddler fingerprints, sticky southern humidity goop , doggie hair, and a thin fling of refined sugar crystals, and you'd be much closer to my reality.
I think the same way some kids watch movies and want to be actors, other kids want to be doing the latex and goop , the fun stuff.
‘Hang on a minute,’ I say, trying to finish slathering goop known as facial scrub on my face.
It might explode or something as a joke and cover me with goop .
No one said you need to look like a femme fatal - jeans and a t-shirt, some lipstick, and goop in your hair will suffice.
It's just this smooth liquidy goop that gets shuffled and poured between different vessels as it changes formats.
So instead, I shakily put another piece of yellow goop into my mouth.