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google / google
компания google
search for information about (someone or something) on the Internet using the search engine Google.
I recently googled my 7th grade teacher and found his current e-mail address
James is one of the bosses at a certain media institution; you can google him.
And this is the kind of thing I don't need coming up under my full name when I'm googled .
You know, if you're just googling your favorite celebrity, blogs tend to rank very high on that search engine.
For some additional fun, try googling other people you know - friends, relatives, or maybe that cute guy/girl who sits across from you in class.
I googled the author to see what became of him, and to my delight the entire book is up on the web.
Just in case the link doesn't work, try googling Michael Briere or Holly Jones to get the story.
An old college boyfriend sent me an email yesterday after googling and finding my weblog.
Last night I googled me again and in no time at all was presented with 2270 results, I smiled quietly to myself.
But I was intrigued by Dan's comment, so I googled him, as you do, and had a look at some of the things he's written.
Chris at Crooked Timber has googled the author of this piece and comes up with some revealing links.