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goofy / тупой, бестолковый, глупый
имя прилагательное
blunt, blunt, stupid, dull, dull, goofy
stupid, goofy, obtuse, incoherent, gormless, dim
stupid, silly, foolish, fool, dumb, goofy
имя прилагательное
foolish; harmlessly eccentric.
His strange mannerisms and goofy asides are amusing, and he has a comedian's sensibility for wanting to keep the audience at home interested.
(in surfing and other board sports) with the right leg in front of the left on the board.
The goofy footer belted the right-handers on his backhand, collecting two eight plus scores.
Hawaiian goofy footer Fred Patacchia said that if the surf is good, all the trialists have a chance to win.
The goofy footer belted the right-handers on his backhand, collecting two eight plus scores.
He laughed and told his father about the crazy foreigner making goofy faces.
Oddly, he cannot run in human form, instead he walks with a strange, goofy prance of sorts, head and body tilted back, and led by his tiny feet.
Here is a film so silly, so goofy , and so funny that you just sit back and enjoy it for what it is: pure comedy.
His over abundance of cowboy enthusiasm is funny and goofy , a combination of Jack Palance from City Slickers and Jim Carrey.
This weekend the world will finally find out whether goofy footed or regular footed skateboarders reign supreme.
There's a goofy , non-sequitur nonsense to it all.
In fact, it seems a little rushed at first, but the time is well saved when we start to meet all the characters, and trot alongside this gentle love story full of poignant moments and goofy funny bits.
This man is not only hot and sexy, intelligent and wise, crazy and goofy , but he's also a completely giving person who thinks before he speaks and listens to more than what you say.