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goof / лох, дурак, увалень
имя существительное
goof, hick, nerd, dupe, pigeon, muff
fool, stupid, idiot, goof, mutt, softy
lubber, goof, laggard, lummox, galoot, dub
boob, blockhead, doodle, dummy, loggerhead, goof
prat, dolt, bubblehead, looby, noodle, goof
попасть впросак
болтаться без дела
dally, hang about, goof, fool about, stooge about, stooge around
проваливать замысел
fool, goof, gull, bubble, have a game with
имя существительное
a mistake.
he made one of the most embarrassing goofs of his tenure
a foolish or stupid person.
Ten thousand reckless little goofs get injured in our country's playground parks each year according to the Ontario-based Canadian Standards Association.
spend time idly or foolishly; fool around.
I was goofing around and broke my arm
make a mistake; blunder.
you're scared to say yes in case you goof up
you're scared to say yes in case you goof up
Unlike Tomb Raider, Atlantis has a lead character, a likable goof named Milo who works in the basement of a museum around 1900.
Sorry - I'm not being persnickety for the sake of it; it's just a little hard to accept your assessment of a scientific situation as having predictive weight if you goof up on the language.
As much as it pains me to admit it, I'm a bit of a goof when it comes to being co-ordinated enough for anything more complicated than a walk in the park.
You knew that Barney was going to goof up sometime during the show.
Still I know there will be times when I goof up - when things would not be the way I want them to be.
She could goof up without it being splashed across the cover of People.
I want him to teach me how because I know he won't get mad if I goof .
At best, the show plays out like a character study of two opposing personalities, one of whom wears the iciness of an assassin on his sleeve, while the other is a loveable goof .
Then he called and lo and behold, I ended up looking like a goof .