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goody / сентиментальный, ханжеский, сентиментально благочестивый
имя прилагательное
sentimental, goody, maudlin, soppy, drippy, sloppy
sanctimonious, hypocritical, goody, prudish, pious, sanctified
сентиментально благочестивый
goody, goody-goody
имя существительное
hypocrite, prude, goody, pharisee, mawworm, Uriah Heep
положительный герой
candy, sweet, goody, comfit, bonbon, sweetmeat
имя существительное
something attractive or desirable, especially something tasty or pleasant to eat.
Besides the trophy, the winning team walked away with attractive goodies , gift and discount coupons sponsored by various organisations.
(often as a title prefixed to a surname) an elderly woman of humble station.
the tale of Goody Blake and Harry Gill
expressing childish delight.
goody, we can have a party
When the tutor said, ‘Next week we're drawing shells,’ at the end of the last session, I thought, ‘Oh goody , that will be easy.’
‘Oh goody ,’ Sandra clapped happily but was still eyeing me carefully.
A note slipped in from LeeAnne, goody : hmm, planning a weekend get-together.
‘Oh, goody ,’ Kate muttered under her breath, but luckily Emily didn't hear her.
‘Oh goody ,’ he said, dropping Kally and sweeping towards Jade.
goody, we can have a party
Goody, goody , we get to fight them over there, so we don't have to fight them here.
No more sea bass, no more haddock, and - oh, goody - lots of coley.
‘Oh goody ,’ Alison huffs when she finds her partner.
Oh, goody , Maxine is on her way and this gives me a chance to talk to her.