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goodness / доброта, доброкачественность, добродетель
имя существительное
kindness, goodness, gentleness, kindliness, graciousness, benignity
goodness, high quality
virtue, goodness, honor, honour
имя существительное
the quality of being good, in particular.
But how do qualifications and league table positions correlate with quality, care, goodness ?
(as a substitution for “God”) expressing surprise, anger, etc..
goodness knows what her rent will be
You think as you are watching it, that everything is quite politically correct, that sweet Vera is doing it all out of the goodness of her own heart, but watch closer.
We miss his towering presence, his smile, his readings, the goodness of his heart and the goodness of his looks.
But they're after us - they hate us for our goodness and our purity, they cannot abide the light we bring unto the world.
All the world should, and must, gather together in spirit and ensure that in the end only the goodness of mankind will prevail, as we venture into forever together.
What matters is the goodness and virtue of the individual.
I fed his curiosity, for it allowed me to praise the goodness and virtues of my people.
The smell of buttery, minty goodness will rise no more.
I went and looked down it and thought ‘Oh my goodness !’
my goodness , you gave me quite a fright!
Hope draws its power from a deep trust in higher being and the basic goodness of human nature