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goodly / красивый, крупный, большой
имя прилагательное
beautiful, handsome, nice, lovely, goodly, fair
large, major, big, coarse, massive, goodly
large, great, greater, big, high, goodly
handsomely, prettily, goodly
fine, goodly, nobly, A1, first-rate
имя прилагательное
considerable in size or quantity.
we ran up a goodly bar bill
attractive, excellent, or admirable.
This would be about 15 years ago when, in a former life, I was fortunate enough to be spending a goodly number of my working days at the Lake Nona club just outside Orlando in Florida.
From the expression on the faces of many of them I knew some professor had dragged his class down to the museum and a goodly number of the students wanted to be anywhere but looking at old books.
A friend of mine has a book which was published commercially in Malaya and which isn't even listed on Amazon, but he has been able to sell a goodly number in his local bookshops, despite that.
My sister's been storing it for me for the past couple of months and she's getting antsy about getting it out of her house - understandable, since it takes up a goodly chunk of space.
The movie version of the musical of Little Shop of Horrors was called Little Shop of Horrors, causing a goodly amount of confusion, especially in the home video market.
Not much seems to have been written about this so far, but look for a goodly amount in the near future, as more people are brought out and the stories they tell become common knowledge.
It may take us a goodly while to get this matter done.
But don't mind that - Helen puts you within 45 minutes of most of the trout in Georgia, and a goodly share of North Carolina's.
For every litre of petrol which pours from the pumps, 62p is levied by the government and that represents a goodly income for the government.
The room was a goodly size, and books filled shelves reaching, in places, from floor to ceiling.