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goodbye / прощание
имя существительное
parting, farewell, goodbye, bye, leave, adieu
имя существительное
an instance of saying “goodbye”; a parting.
a final goodbye
used to express good wishes when parting or at the end of a conversation.
Papa remained stoic for the most part, but sounded rather choked when he wished me goodbye .
As I left for the airport, my daughter ran alongside the taxi and we waved goodbye .
She left Alfie again, then called from Paris to say goodbye : she was not coming back.
But as he was saying goodbye , alarm came over his face as he looked back over my shoulder.
Jan, Eve and Penelope were all ready for the off as we went to say goodbye .
a final goodbye
What fun it was interviewing them as they politely wished me a last goodbye and headed for the hills.
We got along really well, and it would have been fine, but he kissed me goodbye .
We say goodbye , demanding that each other look after ourselves and the best of luck.
At the end we hugged and kissed each other goodbye , and he gave me his new address and email, and promised to be in touch.
We go to say goodbye , and instead of a handshake I get not one kiss, but two.