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good-tempered / уравновешенный, добродушный, с хорошим характером
имя прилагательное
balanced, poised, steady, sedate, staid, good-tempered
genial, amiable, easygoing, debonair, clever, good-tempered
с хорошим характером
с веселым нравом
имя прилагательное
not easily irritated or made angry.
Known as ‘Soldier’ or ‘Titus’, the cheerful Oates was a quiet, good-tempered individual noted for his laconic wit.
He was supposed to be calm, the one who was always good-tempered and understanding.
‘She's a lovely, good-tempered cremello filly,’ he said, a hint of pride in his voice.
He was a good-tempered , polite little boy.
She had no doubt of Harriet's happiness with any good-tempered man; but with him, and in the home he offered, there would be the hope of more, of security, stability, and improvement.
But, he was very loving, and hardly got upset, always good-tempered .
He was always cheerful, optimistic and remarkably good-tempered , and felt that life was to be enjoyed to the full.
Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle learn that Darcy is, according to his housekeeper, a kind, generous, good-tempered man.
This pony was an absolute pet - chestnut with a white blaze, very good-tempered , but with spirit, and of course I said ‘Yes’.
She has also trained herself to meet the standards of a graceful, understanding, good-tempered and virtuous wife.
Ramsden is a good-tempered truth-seeker, not a malevolent muckraker.