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good-looking / интересный, красивый, приятный
имя прилагательное
interesting, sapid, readable, cunning, nutty, good-looking
beautiful, handsome, nice, lovely, goodly, good-looking
pleasant, enjoyable, nice, agreeable, pleasing, good-looking
имя прилагательное
(chiefly of a person) attractive.
She was strikingly good-looking , with long, wavy, fair hair, a cute face and bulbous lips.
She is surprised when the door is answered by a good-looking man in his 30s.
It was a good-looking crowd, pretty mixed, and most of them were dressed to impress in a low key yet smart fashion.
He was a good-looking man too, very different from what people imagine.
I had always thought he was a good-looking boy, but never to the point of physical attraction.
Most good-looking women are smart because they know how to get their men.
Our room was away from the other rooms, and we only had one, very good-looking neighbour.
Not just any old movie, but one with mystery and espionage and terribly good-looking people.
I know a girl who was married to a very good-looking man, who, alas, was a womaniser.
I find a lot of films that simply rely on slapstick methods and good-looking actors to sell them.
I wanted to see a club with lots of crushed velvet with good-looking girls walking around, the guys smartly dressed.