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good-for-nothing / бездельник, никчемный человек
имя существительное
lounger, idler, slacker, layabout, bum, good-for-nothing
никчемный человек
dud, deadwood, duffer, drifter, wet, good-for-nothing
имя прилагательное
ни на что не годный
useless, futile, worthless, needless, valueless, good-for-nothing
cheesy, shoddy, trashy, worthless, lousy, good-for-nothing
имя прилагательное
(of a person) worthless.
his good-for-nothing son
имя существительное
a worthless person.
If someone has successfully completed an epic, exhausting, hazardous journey to get here, why assume that they will become lazy, work-shy good-for-nothings when they arrive?
My friends were right; I never should have dated a good-for-nothing like you!
Because that's how I see him, I don't like him or his annoying, arrogant, good-for-nothing friends.
A group of good-for-nothing thugs are out to kidnap Jack.
In this blackness I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that good-for-nothing hoodlum.
I know and am perfectly aware that we're stuck with stupid good-for-nothing Carolyn.
I know I'm not because I'm trying to help a good-for-nothing like you with love.
Edie Falco plays Marly, a hard-drinking late-thirtysomething woman, working at her dad's motel and diner, hassled by her good-for-nothing ex-husband and pining for a way out of there.
Go tell your brothers to do their homework since I know they're playing their good-for-nothing video games.
On the other hand, if the good-for-nothing in the next cubicle earns five dollars more an hour than you do, that could be the source of great indignation, uneasiness, and unhappiness.
To practical men of business like them he is the epitome of the wastage of human energy, he is a good-for-nothing .