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gonna / собирается
going to.
we're gonna win this game
These people deserve to be on a team that is gonna compete for the championship and have a chance to win races.
I really felt like both of us were gonna be excited for the other one if we won and that meant a lot.
Oh what a post that is gonna be, it's been festering for a while let me tell you!
We were gonna go off to church again tonight, but there was no-one to look after Boo.
A whole five days off work and three of them are gonna be spent looking after old people.
It's gonna have to be a kennel in the back garden, which isn't a very good solution.
Mind you, they are gonna have to raise the stakes for the next series, so you never know.
I'm gonna take a liberty and speak for Edward and Barry and say that we love what we're doing.
It's gonna be tough to stay focussed on plumbing and tiling which is my true destiny this week.
He's gonna get lonely real quick and end up with a lot of females who prefer to just be friends.