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gong / гонг, медаль
имя существительное
medal, gong
имя существительное
a metal disk with a turned rim, giving a resonant note when struck.
a dinner gong
sound a gong or make a sound like that of a gong being struck.
Check out these 80 musicians from China who'll be gonging , cymbaling and bamboo-fluting their way through a performance at Penn's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
He struck the gong , and it made a deep and yet bright sound that echoed through the hall, and all the Danes laughed as he struck it again and again.
The single, deep note sounded by the gong sent twelve people running toward the center of the arena.
After enjoying the breathtaking views along the east coast for about an hour the dinner gong chimed and all went below deck to feast on the lavish buffet provided by this 5 star establishment.
Suddenly, there was a deep, echoing ringing, as though someone had struck a giant gong .
At once, the diminutive Goblin leapt off the platform and struck a gong , signalling the beginning of the final battle.
A gong , cymbals, a triangle, and a timpani, as well as the pentatonic scale, create a sense of the Far East.
a dinner gong
The gong then sounded for dinner which was enjoyed immensely with lots of wine.
Sure, it had a fine array of percussion - timpani, snare drum, bass drum, gong , glockenspiel - but they were just there for effect.
They are operated by two men who are usually martial arts masters, accompanied by musicians playing a large drum, cymbals and gongs .