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gone / ушедший, пропащий, разоренный
имя прилагательное
gone, all-up
ruined, devastated, broke, kaput, downfallen, gone
имя прилагательное
no longer present; departed.
while you were gone
having reached a specified time in a pregnancy.
she is now four months gone
(of time) past.
it's gone half past eleven
Goods that are consumed are gone and thus not available for use in production.
But the days when theatrical lenses were available only to movie stars are long gone .
Some fear it will be gone in another 60 years unless we cut consumption drastically.
Her parents were gone again for the weekend, so she had the house to herself.
Craig Pollock and Jacques Villeneuve were central to the new team, but both have now gone .
When she returned with her children at the weekend, the floral tribute was gone .
You are afraid to put trust in someone because they might be gone tomorrow.
The first time, I didn't even realise I was pregnant until I was four months gone .
A million manufacturing jobs have gone in the past year alone.
It was a wonderful weekend and the hangover is now almost gone .