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goldsmith / ювелир, золотых дел мастер
имя существительное
jeweler, goldsmith, jeweller
золотых дел мастер
имя существительное
a person who makes gold articles.
In 1648, a Sofia goldsmith made a silver and gold plate for the book.
Such an evaluation of gold jewellery is done by a goldsmith with the help of a touchstone.
At the time of his death, he was described as both a goldsmith and a silver merchant.
In olden days, crooks used to shave or clip the edges of coins and then sell the shavings to a disreputable goldsmith or silversmith.
‘I already have the goldsmith and carpenter working on the nameplate and display,’ he called from behind the bar.
The wreath was supposedly made of pure gold, and Archimedes had to determine whether the goldsmith had replaced some of the gold with silver.
Ms Stiles met an Italian goldsmith called Fabio during a silversmith lesson on her most recent visit to Italy.
Joan was born as the son of a goldsmith and jewelry maker in Barcelona in Northern Spain.
In 1648, a Sofia goldsmith made a silver and gold plate for the book.
Locals with cash in their pockets like to live here - perhaps for its close proximity to the goldsmiths , jewellers and craftsmen for which the town is famous.
The Warrington Silver was exclusively commissioned from the French Protestant refugees known as the Huguenots, who were the best goldsmiths of the period.