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goldfinch / щегол, золотая монета
имя существительное
золотая монета
goldfinch, angel, red-rogue
имя существительное
a brightly colored finch with yellow feathers in the plumage.
Chickadees, crossbills, goldfinches , nuthatches, siskins, and woodpeckers pick the winged seeds out of pine and spruce cones.
Plenty of birds of winter still mob Ann's bird feeders; chickadees, juncos, sparrows, woodpeckers, nuthatches, goldfinch , and doves are in no short supply.
Dog roses, bramble, nettles and thistles provide good for birds such as goldfinch , greenfinch, chaffinches and the occasional rarity such as brambling or bullfinch.
Nearby, the rough grass and scrub contain large stands of teasels and thistles, which provide seeds for finches - goldfinch , chaffinch, bullfinch, brambling and siskin are frequent winter visitors.
The list was impressive and included robins, starlings, a goldfinch , blackbirds, redwings, chaffinches, wood pigeons and black-headed gulls.
On the lake itself, we mainly saw the same woodpeckers, gulls, goldfinch , robins, waxwings, juncos, and other common birds spotted last year.
I don't want to see more goldfinches , chickadees, herons or cardinals.
At the feeder on the window sill, goldfinches , titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, and cardinals have been busy at a heap of free (to them) sunflower seeds.
Niger thistle appeals especially to pine siskins, goldfinches , and purple and house finches.
One of the Cape's most numerous and widespread songbirds, goldfinches delight in dining on dandelion seeds, thistles, and weed seeds found amongst the beach grass.
Seeding grasses had attracted them, together with goldfinches and chaffinches.