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golden / золотой, золотистый, златой
имя прилагательное
gold, golden
golden, aureate, corn-coloured, corn-colored
имя прилагательное
colored or shining like gold.
curls of glossy golden hair
made or consisting of gold.
a golden crown
(of a period) very happy and prosperous.
those golden days before World War I
(of a singing voice) rich and smooth.
a choir of young golden voices
denoting the fiftieth year of something.
the American Ballet Theater's golden anniversary extravaganza
The golden crown, white gem atop it, was perched upon her fair head, perfectly matching every other piece of jewelry she wore.
The combination of the Malian singer's golden voice and the arrangements of the Guinean guitarist Kante Manfila led many to acclaim it as the finest release of his career.
Just then, a golden voice in his mind gave a suggestion.
From then on people started noticing the remarkable abilities and golden voice of the youthful singer.
She topped off the look with heavily-styled blonde hair, a golden anklet, diamanté earrings and naturally, leopard print nail varnish.
What remains is a record company's idea of a grown woman and Carey's irrepressible golden voice.
The crown has a golden gleam and leaves a completely black shadow on the table.
I was kneeling before my dearest Lewis, a golden crown was perched high on his brow.
The Community Library celebrates its golden anniversary on March 13.
He felt more alive in the mountains: The air seemed crisper and smelled sweeter, the sun shone brighter and more golden .