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gold-plated / из накладного золота, позолоченный
имя прилагательное
из накладного золота
gilded, gilt, aureate, gold-plated, gold-filled
имя прилагательное
covered with a thin layer of gold.
a gold-plated tiepin
The contacts for the USB connector are even gold-plated to ensure better conductivity, according to Razer.
As history progressed the Etruscans and the Romans upgraded their wreaths with precious metals such as gold, silver and gold-plated metals.
It was a very pretty sword, all long and shiny with a hilt that appeared to be made of gold, or was at least gold-plated .
The Xducer satellite and subwoofer cases have cherry hardwood veneer covers and the speaker post connectors are gold-plated .
She lit a long, thin cigarette with a gold-plated lighter.
‘I thought it was gold when it was only gold-plated ,’ she raps at one point.