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goitre / зоб, струма, разрастание щитовидной железы
имя существительное
goiter, goitre, crop, craw, gorge, jowl
goitre, goiter
разрастание щитовидной железы
goitre, goiter
a woman with a goitre
There may also be swelling of the thyroid gland in the neck - a goitre .
I had a little goitre too, a thickened neck, and I couldn't look at myself.
the belief that amber necklaces were good for curing goitre
At 50 weeks mean percentage change in thyroid volume from baseline was -46.6% and only five children remained goitrous .
In Britain the best recognized region is the Peak District and this is the reason why this goitrous condition is known colloquially as ‘Derbyshire neck’: but iodination of table salt has now made it rare.
Many of the patients in these studies had clinical signs of thyroid disease (e.g., a visible goiter , ophthalmic findings) that prompted testing.
Mice were made goitrous by feeding them a low iodine diet (0.1 ug iodine per day), supplemented with 0.25% propylthiouracil for 10 days, followed by the low iodine diet for another 2 days.
Life changing operations such as hernia repairs and removal of a goiter of the thyroid gland were considered elective, a luxury, but are now being performed free of charge.
It is assumed that most elderly patients with subclinical hyperthyroidism have a multinodular goiter , but several other conditions should be considered in the differential diagnosis.