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going-over / взбучка, нагоняй, осмотр
имя существительное
thrashing, earful, comeuppance, licking, walloping, going-over
scolding, earful, rebuke, row, wigging, going-over
inspection, examination, survey, visit, checkup, going-over
имя существительное
a thorough treatment, especially in cleaning or inspection.
give the place a going-over with the vacuum cleaner
Nonetheless, no one would assert that Mamet is unobservant or lacks internal fire, and when he turns his attention to institutions that deserve a thorough going-over , he may be just the man for the job.
The gear on Westman Will, was getting a going-over as they discussed whether this or that piece of equipment would be safe for another season or whether it ought to be replaced.
It's been a while since one of the great composers got a thorough biographical going-over , but I gather that the conductor John Eliot Gardiner has interesting stuff to say about his hero, JS Bach, in the Penguin volume due for early 2008.
Nowhere has that idea received a more intriguing going-over than in the recently published book The God Gene: How Faith Is Hardwired into Our Genes, by molecular biologist Dean Hamer.
give the place a going-over with the Hoover
he got a good going-over, I can tell you
When will he understand that his department is out of control and needs a thorough going-over from top to bottom?
I kept an eye on the desk during the rest of the inspection period, but it no one gave the piece a thorough going-over .
give the place a going-over with the vacuum cleaner
But, apart from some emollient phrases from the Association of British Insurers, the industry's leading companies were at best muted in their joy at learning that these two types of insurance are to be given a thorough going-over .