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goffer / плоить, гофрировать
goffer, quill
corrugate, crimp, quill, emboss, gauffer, goffer
имя существительное
goffering, goffer, gauffer, gopher, gauffering
щипцы для гофрировки
goffer, gauffer
имя существительное
an iron used to crimp or flute lace.
treat (a lace edge or frill) with heated irons in order to crimp or flute it.
a goffered frill
The goffering iron was made in France, then England.
After the washing came the drying and then ironing, goffering , and crimping before the laundry process was complete.
a goffered frill
The body of the robe was of zero velvet, goffered , with a square pelerine of solferino poil de chevre amidships.
Tumans could be goffered or pleated and were decorated with pompons made from color silk or gold threads.
Full leather, blind stamped and tooled, goffered edges in gold.
The goffering iron was a rolling pin-like round bar that was heated before use.
a goffered frill