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gofer / побегушках
мальчик на побегушках
имя существительное
a person who runs errands, especially on a movie set or in an office.
They started giving writing jobs to people who were driving trucks the week before, gofers , film editors.
The name, if credited at all, is usually down there with the clapperboard guy and the gofer who fetches the clapperboard guy's coffee.
And though it breaks my heart to say it, he tried his damnedest to keep the club going towards the end but, ultimately, he was no more than a gofer for others behind the scenes.
I was the one person that Nick Ray asked to be his gofer or assistant, so I was an odd factor.
Tom makes himself handy to the couple, running errands and serving as a de facto gofer .
he had worked his way from a gofer in the front office to general manager
Today I've done the gofer's job and I've been the gofer .
My first job after leaving school was at a small electronics company in Kirkcaldy, where I was a general gofer , but subsequently I learned to make wiring harnesses and populate printed circuit boards.
Now I am a gopher in waiting at the Hyde Park Theatre.
These ‘miniature jobs’ so to speak tend to involve a lot of grit work and a bit of being a gopher , but they also provide a valuable learning experience.
I actually started out of college as a gopher , a runner for a company called Witt/Thomas/Harris Productions.