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godsend / находка, удача, неожиданное счастливое событие
имя существительное
find, finding, godsend, prize, strike, trouvaille
fortune, luck, good luck, success, chance, godsend
неожиданное счастливое событие
имя существительное
a very helpful or valuable event, person, or thing.
this highway is a godsend to the local community
Jacqueline Lloyd, project co-ordinator, said the money was a godsend .
Being insured is not the godsend that some people think it is.
With all the changes that have occurred in my life recently, it was a godsend to have company this past week.
An object of derision though she may be to some, to others the celebrity fashion icon is a godsend , for rarely does she also possess a model figure.
I must've seemed a godsend to him - the next best thing to a captive audience.
The Australian English dictionary we brought from home, and similar ones on the internet have been a godsend .
Still, for the frantic chef, the electronic option is a godsend - just be sure to process only briefly or use the pulse button.
Many of them are pretty computer averse, so anything that reduces their interaction with the computers is a godsend .
this highway is a godsend to the local community
This article is a godsend because it is extremely difficult to get people to understand why my son is on a special diet.