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godmother / крестная, крестная мать
имя существительное
godmother, godparent
крестная мать
godmother, godparent, sponsor, cummer
быть крестной матерью
имя существительное
a female godparent.
You can name just one godparent, or two godmothers or godfathers.
Those friendships have continued: I'm godmother to one of my friend's two children, and our children are friends.
(She has been called a transcendentalist, a shaman, ‘the godmother of punk’ and a Sufi poet).
His sister Tamara is a close friend of mine, and I am the godmother to her daughter, I have a great relationship with all of the Castagnolas.
Canadian author Naomi Klein, the godmother of the anti-globalisation movement, considers the way marketing handles the protests against corporate power.
The oldest girl and I are the same age, and she's godmother to my oldest daughter.
Christine always wanted children and so I decided to make her godmother to my second daughter, Grace.
She jokes that by the age of eight she was already a godmother to many, making promises about what she would send for them when she finally got to America.
She is godmother to Robinson's youngest son, Aubrey.
S.O.B. was godmother to both boys and assumed a parental role towards them.
Mary had an excellent relationship with Marguerite de France, who was more than twice her age and godmother to the Dauphin, whom Mary was to marry in 1558.