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godhead / божество, божественность
имя существительное
deity, divinity, god, godhead, idol, demigod
divinity, deity, godhead
имя существительное
By a unique, transcendent agreement between the persons of the Godhead , God sent and dealt with His Son in our nature as if He, and not us, had been rejected.
The wry humour and lightness of spirit in Kaurismäki's films ally them with the very bittersweet comedies of Alexander Mackendrick as well as the mercilessly austere dramas of his other cinematic godhead , Robert Bresson.
After three years of monastic silence, Lotus Notes' creator Ray Ozzie unveiled his latest project Groove Networks in New York this week, and instantly became a kind of godhead for the peer-to-peer networking buzz.
Determined not to melt before her charms prematurely, I decide to explore first how conscious the elevation to godhead has been.
For me, the situation was much simpler, despite the fact Hope was, to me, the godhead of American comedy.
‘I haven't seen it,’ says the bearded sci-fi godhead .
there on a skateboard was America's current godhead
She becomes a godhead to those who want to destroy the city's power.
After their see-saw battles, which boxing fans regard as perhaps the best ever heavyweight championship series, Ali reached the status of athletic godhead .
The people who I allegedly ‘beat’ are blogospheric godhead and I am quite disturbed that your standards have fallen so low.
I'm hazarding a guess that the song is about the godhead Dylan and I'm sticking to my interpretation.