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godfather / крестный отец, крестный
имя существительное
крестный отец
godfather, godparent, sponsor
godfather, godparent
быть крестным
давать имя
name, christen, baptize, call, godfather
имя существительное
a male godparent.
You can name just one godparent, or two godmothers or godfathers .
a man who is influential in a movement or organization, through providing support for it or through playing a leading or innovatory part in it.
the godfather of alternative comedy
Kenneth Koch is the godfather of a literary movement, called in the good old days of funding for arts, Poets-in-the-Schools.
He acknowledged Ernest's roll as godfather of the movement and Ernest stayed involved for a number of years.
Qualcomm could have become a godfather to all the world's CDMA, 3G manufacturers and adopted an appropriate business model, much like ARM did by licensing its cores.
I am one hundred percent sure that Luisa made a bargain in exchange that she'll get her godfather to get them a gig at his club.
the Mafia godfather believed to be behind the murder of two judges
the godfather of alternative comedy
He was a godfather to a dozen kids, and lavished them all with expensive gifts.
he is godfather to her son
Stranger still, he was the godfather to Nelson's son, who was now also his brother-in-law.
Sutton was such a close friend of her parents that he was godfather to another of their children.