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godchild / крестница, крестник
имя существительное
goddaughter, godchild
godson, godchild
имя существительное
a person in relation to a godparent.
The relationship between godparent and godchild can be deep, meaningful and lifelong.
The commitment that the godparents make includes providing advice and spiritual guidance to the godchild .
This need not be a problem if they don't get lavish gifts for the godchild and if your other children have godparents who spend special time with them.
Honestly, is there anything my godchild does not want to eat?
They were also essential participants in all events of social or religious importance to the godchild and maintained strong bonds with their compadres or comadres - lasting friendships based upon mutual admiration and support.
The relationship between godparent and godchild can be deep, meaningful and lifelong.
The godfather would help the godchild find employment when necessary, and the godchild would provide a vote for the godfather when necessary.
Sponsors or godparents who take seriously their charge to do everything possible to help a godchild grow up in the faith with consistent remembrances and encouragements often make a significant impact.
Godparents, in particular, should really consider giving their godchild a keepsake gift since part of their responsibility is to help the child grow in their spirituality.
Godparents became the ones to pronounce the baptismal vows for the infants they were to receive from the font, assuming responsibility for the welfare and religious education of their godchildren .
Like your ordinary fairy, she used to turn ‘numberless wicked people into beasts, birds, milestones, clocks, pumps, bootjacks, umbrellas, or other absurd shapes’ and give lovely gifts to her godchildren .