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gobsmacked / ошеломлена
имя прилагательное
utterly astonished; astounded.
There are still some things in life which leave me utterly gobsmacked .
Steve, the centre's deputy head of operations, sounding like a man who might be gobsmacked to hear that this wasn't universal behaviour in the British working population.
There are times when you run out of words to describe the actions of local politicians - you are sometimes left gobsmacked by the sheer audacity of their decisions.
I watched, gobsmacked , as he was blindfolded and went on to identify random objects from the crowd by passing his hands over them but not touching them.
‘We were gobsmacked by the success of the film, we couldn't believe it,’ Borland says.
He was just glowing afterwards, he was gobsmacked .
He was gutted, gobsmacked , and didn't care who knew.
The few times I did walk away, she would be utterly gobsmacked by my actions.
‘It was a real bargain,’ said the gobsmacked health service worker, who doesn't even like football.
I'm pretty gobsmacked that it's being considered.
I was gobsmacked to hear the Nottingham game had been cancelled, but it was all timed to perfection by SMG.