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gobble / пожирать, кулдыкать, быстро есть
devour, gobble, consume, eat up, eat away, guzzle
быстро есть
shift, gobble
имя существительное
eat (something) hurriedly and noisily.
one man gobbled up a burger
(of a male turkey) make a characteristic swallowing sound in the throat.
Back in 1505, turkeys were still gobbling innocently around America.
they don't eat, they gobble
these old houses just gobble up money
‘These are natural loud sounds that in the spring cause turkeys to gobble and give a hunter the opportunity to locate them,’ Harris says.
these old houses just gobble up money
At Aunt Poogee's gentle encouragement, Hope places her special dessert on the table alongside the other family dishes and watches with pride and joy as her peppermint pickles are gobbled up .
Any bread left in the kitchenette was gobbled up to the last crumb by our resident elves.
These calls mimic sounds in nature that turkeys often respond to by gobbling .
I pull out my lunch bag and begin tearing off pieces and throwing them to the fish who gobble them up as if they hadn't eaten in days, maybe weeks.
He had the children stay with him low in the bushes as the turkey gobbled away from inside the bag.
But it has aroused fears that cities and towns could be gobbled up into a Greater Leeds as has happened around London and Manchester.