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gobbet / кусок сырого мяса
имя существительное
кусок сырого мяса
имя существительное
a piece or lump of flesh, food, or other matter.
they lobbed gobbets of fresh bonito off the side of the boat
So I stretched my arm out the open window, flicked the gobbet of lotion onto his windshield, and floored it.
‘Your creature,’ she said, pointing with her free hand still clutching a gobbet of meat.
A great gobbet of burning goo fired out of the end, arced through the air and hit Dr Lawson squarely on the back.
Heather Clarke, a small gobbet of beef poked between her gloved finger and thumb, held out her arm.
In the 16th and 17th centuries it meant a lump or gobbet of food such as bread, cheese, or bacon.
a torn-off gobbet of flesh
A gobbet of warm gelatin landed on his legs, and an unbearably foul smell filtered through the air.
It really was a massive rainstorm, with water falling out of the sky in great gobbets and splashing high into the air on impact.
Red gobbets of meat dripped from its claws and its talons, each as long as Jamie's arm, were stained with blood along the whole of their length.
They concentrated entirely on the very serious business of hoeing in to the ‘Chippies’ (French fries), and some battered gobbets of supposedly avian origin.