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gob / плевок, комок, рот
имя существительное
spit, spittle, gob
ball, wad, clot, gob, nugget
mouth, os, jaws, gob, trap, kisser
spit, expectorate, gob
имя существительное
a lump or clot of a slimy or viscous substance.
a gob of phlegm
a lot of.
he wants to make gobs of money selling cassettes
an American sailor.
a person's mouth.
Jean told him to shut his big gob
I am going to try to be very careful in my language usage here, as I have a knack of putting my size tens, fairly and firmly in my oversized gob
Lee commented, scooping a gob of mashed potato with his finger and wiping it onto a napkin, before proceeding to mould a palm tree from the pale creamy substance.
I'm worried because they are too big to get in my gob .
He took a gob of some of the sap looking stuff and rolled it into a ball.
Will, however, did not succumb to what Maria feared, but actually managed the arduous task of keeping his big gob shut.
It's easy to dress a wound when your patient is sat still and keeps their gob shut; it's a whole different ball game when they cry and bleed all over the place.
Shut your fat gob , you nasty little pile of wombat's do's.
‘I understand that feeling,’ I said softly as I picked out the chocolate chips from my gob of dough and put them in my mouth.
Yes, you've all seen these emails - they are one long run-on gob of text.
A bowl accompanied by a plate of three perogies, a scoop of mashed potatoes and a gob of the ubiquitous sour cream makes a filling, comforting and extremely thrifty supper.