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goatskin / бурдюк, козлиная шкура, сафьян
имя существительное
wineskin, goatskin, pigskin, leather bottle, winebag
козлиная шкура
morocco, goatskin, saffian
имя существительное
the skin of a goat.
Inside hang sheepskins, saddlebags, the goatskin that Hector and Lalo skinned yesterday to make chaps, a shopping bag reading I LOVE YOU.
To complete the effect, she makes Jacob wear goatskin to approximate Esau's hairiness, a maneuver that successfully deceives Isaac and results in Isaac's mistakenly blessing him instead of Esau.
The ruffians wore goatskin hats, gritty cloaks, and leggings of leather, all diffusing the odor of a hundred bathless nights and days.
Women of the northern nomadic tribes, for example, wear gorfa, a sheepskin or goatskin dyed red or black and wrapped around the body, held in place with a leather cord and a rope belt.
Unveiled women volunteer shy smiles as they continue with their chores: scrubbing pans, spinning wool, or in one case churning butter in a goatskin suspended from a wooden tripod.
Odysseus walked up to the cave with a goatskin full of wine.
This rare ornament would have been a beaded replica of the traditional men's umutsha belt, the front of which comprised the isinene, made of animal tails or strips of leather, and the back the ibheshu, a square piece of goatskin .
Men go naked, and the women may wear goatskin skirts.
Tuareg and Hausa craftsmen are famous for their fancy leather work - beautiful boots, colorful sandals, and goatskin bags.
As Ramon and Hector pull on goatskin chaps and nylon slickers, we head up-valley, following the faint trails left by huemules, Patagonia's endangered red deer.
He describes the life-enhancing delight of still being capable of celebrating the dance of the Padstow horse, ‘chasing sweet lusty Spring with pipes, goatskin and goats’.