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goatherd / пастух, козопас
имя существительное
shepherd, herdsman, cowherd, goatherd, cowboy, herd
имя существительное
a person who tends goats.
He went on to paint Dutch scenes as if they were further topographical reveries in an Italian landscape, although with cowmen instead of goatherds among the weirs and ivy-dripping ruins, as in The Ford.
There he was raised by animals and discovered by a goatherd .
Then Kriti met a goatherd whistling and hooting at his bleating goats.
The woman who appears to be the goatherd says to them ‘Where are you going?’
My favorite starts with Gregorio, a former goatherd who, at the age of 50, moved to Texas, got fake papers and traveled around the country doing a wide variety of migrant labor jobs.
The goatherd helps the suitors get weapons, but the other herders stop him.
Around the year 850 in southern Abyssinia, a young goatherd named Khaldi noticed that his goats were particularly frisky and frolicsome when he brought them home in the evening.
A goatherd has been arrested, so his goats roam untended; a man has been brought in, bruised and handcuffed, for asking an American patrol for help for his wounded daughter.
After the madman leaves, Sancho tries to blame the goatherd for what happened, saying he should have warned them of the man's violent temper (even though the goatherd had warned them).
He hoped to work the Write With A Quill Pen Exhibit, but as a part-time goatherd , he was deemed better suited for fence-post work.
So, you say that you were a goatherd working in Montgomery, Alabama, in the early 1970's?