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goat / козел, коза, осел
имя существительное
goat, asshole, buck, motherfucker, sow, salamander
goat, nanny, nanny-goat
donkey, ass, jackass, goat, brayer, moke
имя существительное
a hardy domesticated ruminant animal that has backward curving horns and (in the male) a beard. It is kept for its milk and meat and is noted for its lively and frisky behavior.
Besides this, Spanish cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats introduced European meats and fats, milk, butter, and cheese to the Mexican diet.
a person likened to a goat, in particular.
When he arrived, he was like a little lost goat who didn't even have the money to buy a sandwich.
The chances of a [captive] goat passing along a drug-producing gene to a wild goat aren't very high.
That tedious old goat can't even add some humor into it!
I think that people should pay more attention to history and think about what they're following, rather than follow what some daft goat decides to preach.
The elusive sarrios and the bucardo, a very rare type of Spanish wild goat are found here.
An unusual hybrid has been reported by veterinarians in Botswana - the offspring of a female goat and a male sheep.
O'Neill is believable because his own story portrays him as goat , not hero.
This course could also be game, such as pheasant, wild goat , duck or partridge.
We find a similar adornment in Israel where a crimson thread was bound around the horns of the goat , the least valuable of the domestic animals.
‘I know you far too well to believe that, you lying old goat ,’ she said coldly.
The truth is, he saw a last, desperate chance to transform himself from goat to martyr and he took it.