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goaltender / голкипер
имя существительное
a player in soccer or hockey whose special role is to stop the ball or puck from entering the goal.
Scott Stevens has shown in this year's playoffs that impact players don't have to be goal scorers or goaltenders .
‘Their puck control is second to none,’ says Avalanche goaltender Patrick Roy.
And though Brodeur had played the puck a good 15 seconds before that, that gave him the first game-winning goal ever by a goaltender .
He was a star high school hockey goaltender who earned the nickname ‘The Wall’ before dropping out of school to pursue an acting career.
Who would know more about a great playoffs goaltender than a great playoffs goaltender ?
Instead, use the extra defensive player to free-lance or play goaltender .
However, Western goaltender Sara Pickard stopped all 19 shots that the Warriors were able to muster.
Dunham is a solid NHL goaltender , but he's never been the man in goal for a playoff run.
Martin Brodeur is the best goaltender in hockey.
He was coming off one of the more impressive Stanley Cup playoff runs any goaltender has had in recent years.
The opposition's top line and goaltender are obvious key players, but that doesn't tell the whole story of their teams.