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goalpost / стойка ворот
имя существительное
стойка ворот
имя существительное
either of the two upright posts of a goal.
The distance between the goals and the goalposts shall be decided upon by the Captains of the sides playing.
If LSU kicks off, his job on the coverage unit is to line up square with the right goalpost and plug the middle.
Did you see T.O. get up last night after his touchdown to dunk the ball through the goalpost ?
One time after practice, Leftwich stood at his own 30 and hit the goalpost on the fly.
The ball came off the goalpost and Torsten Frings' arm stopped it going over the line.
Meanwhile a forlorn figure leant against a goalpost long after the finish.
What would have become of the Eagles if Akers' kick had gone flying wide of the goalpost ?
The same player rocked Carlow with a thunderous shot off the goalpost for a spectacular goal to put Port ahead for the first time after 12 minutes.
It flew at an alarming rate towards the goal, hit the goalpost , and rebounded off it straight back at me.
In celebration, students tore down the goalposts , and the chancellor canceled Monday classes.
It is played on the streets of Soweto with tin cans for goalposts .